Janice Kurth District Foundation Chair spoke to La Jolla Sunrise Rotary last Thursday Feb 9 about her experiences with The Rotary Foundation. "Always a pleasure to hear Janice talk"said President Andy Dorvillier. Her intelligent approach to discussing the Foundation's work is refreshing.  Following her talk Janice presented new banners to La Jolla Sunrise Rotary honoring the clubs long string of dual awards EREY (Every Rotarian, Every Year) and 100% members with $100 this year to the Foundation. La Jolla Sunrise Rotary continues to be amount a small number of Rotary Clubs world-wide with these awards.
Congratulations President Andy and Foundation Chair Duane Drake!
President Andy Dorvillier presents Janice Kurth with a bottle of wine to celebrate her presentation to La Jolla Sunrise Rotary.