May 10, 2018
Joe Frangiosa, Jr.
La Jolla's Nautical History Gallery

Joseph Frangiosa, Jr.  is a curator, craftsman, artist and historian who specializes in handmade one-of-a-kind nautical history displays.    In case you hadn’t noticed Joe’s little Nautical History Gallery and Museum across from the Maserati dealership on Pearl Street you really should note the hours he's open for business and stop in.   His collection of historical ship models and related treasures will blow your mind.

A description of Joe on the Gallery’s website says this:  “I will produce any structure, concept or idea from the research of texts, drawings or photographs into a three dimensional format.   Any time period or item of interest is possible.   The ships and cases are handmade, utilizing poplar and basswood.  Other materials, such as brass/aluminum tube, jewelry pieces, plumbing PVC, and leather eyelets, to name a few, are used to accent and detail the construction.  Most of the displays to date come together to reflect revolutionary changes in Naval Technology, from the “Age of Sail” circa 1800 to the “Steam Era” circa 1900 and then the Aircraft Carrier.”   You are encouraged to take a peek inside the books he was asked to bring in addition to examples of these spectacular models.  The books include details of other specially commissioned creations that you won’t see at his La Jolla Gallery and Museum or at the San Diego Maritime Museum where Joe also works on displays and where some of his other models are on loan.   

Joe says his experiences serving in both the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps helped to develop his strong interests in historical research.   But we should let him elaborate on how he developed this unique trade and his vision for the Gallery.