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Steffanie A. Strathdee, PhD

Associate Dean of Global Health Sciences,

Harold Simon Professor,

Director, UCSD Global Health Institute

University of California San Diego Department of Medicine,

Tel: 858-822-1952; email:

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Steffanie A. Strathdee, PhD and Tom Patterson
 Jul 06, 2017

My subject is how a person can prevent and cure the majority of pain, injury, and signs of the aging process one would experience throughout one’s life. This involves a simple program utilizing inexpensive massage tools and stretching I have detailed in my book "Roll It Out!: A Pain-Free Living & Anti-Aging Reference Guide."

My presentation consists of explaining how the connective tissue responsible for pain, injury and “aging”, called fascia, becomes dysfunctional through overuse or trauma. I lay out a very simple, but detailed, program for identifying and treating dysfunctional muscles and fascia. I also recommend an inexpensive three-piece massage toolkit, which restores fascia back to it’s intended healthy state. I bring examples of each piece of the toolkit as a visual reference.

Jeremy NyQuist
 Jul 13, 2017