Program Schedule 

as of August 29, 2017

Friday, September 29th

Noon-3:00pm  Council of Governors semi-annual meeting in Maple Room


3:30pm             Welcome by DGSue Bellor and Special Introductions

4:00pm             PDGNabil Reflection on his Year

4:30pm             District Year-End Audited Financial Statement 2016-2017 vote to accept by majority of clubs present

4:40pm             District Procedures Revision vote to accept by majority of clubs present

4:50pm             District Strategic Plan - PDGNabil

5:10pm              Foundation (2016-2017 Review, including Grants Report, and forecast for 2017-2018)

5:30pm             DGSue: Adjourn Day #1

                                  ~Visit our Silent Auction and House of Friendship tables~

An evening on your own to enjoy the amenities of each hotel and/or the Casino and its entertainment and restaurants


Saturday, September 30th

Enjoy breakfast at your hotel, if staying at the Comfort Inn (included in room rate) or in any of the restaurants at the Casino (not included in room rate)


8:00am           Welcome Back for Day #2: DGSue Bellor

8:15am            RI President’s Representative Elizabeth Yeats/Ride for Polio/Countdown to History

8:45am         Keynote Speaker: Alan MalloryReaching New Heights in Human Performance & Leadership

10:00am                      Health Break

10:15am          Panel: Scott Serson & Melody Morrison from “Canadians for a New Partnership,” with Joan Hunter, Rotary Club of Ottawa South, on the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health

11:10am          Rotary Club of Iqaluit on their Aquatic Center Project for the Community

11:45am                      Break

12:00pm         Lunch with Native Dancers

1:00pm           Toronto – RI Convention Promotion

1:15pm            Natalie Kauf -  Global Scholar Returns!

1:45pm            District Rotaract Clubs - Engaging in their Communities

2:15pm                        Health Break/Submit Trivia Hunt Answers

2:30pm            Youth Exchange Update

2:45pm            Engaging our Alumni - Your Club's Future

3:00pm            Club Service – Honoring our Clubs

3:45pm             District Conference 2018 Promotion

                                      Silent Auction Closes                          

4:00pm            Challenging Clubs and Rotarians

4:15pm             Silent Auction Winners & Trivia Hunt Winners Announced

                          Acknowledgement of 2017 District Conference Team

4:30pm            Break - to refresh and prepare for the Governor's Banquet

5:45pm             Cash Bar

6:10pm             Seating for the Governor's Banquet

6:15pm             Piper/Parade of Flags

6:30pm            In Memorium

6:40pm            Dinner 

7:40pm            RI President’s Representative Elizabeth Yeats

8:00pm            DGSue-wrap up

8:15pm             Entertainment - Lost at Sea

9:00pm            Dance music