Stand Down Certificate

Stand Down for Homeless Vets

Thank you to all who made this year's First Annual Stand Down event a success!  Hopefully our assistance guided homeless veterans to services they need and have access to.  We will look forward to an even better event next year.
Annual Fundraiser April 14

It's going to be a Wild Wild West event!

April 14th, 5:30 - 9:00 PM

Seats need to be assigned for this Wild Wild West event, so it's time to sign up and make sure you let Mike Cooper know if you have special requests.  If you have not signed up yet for our fundraiser seats are filling up!    Remember we still can use auction items so contact Linda Courton if you have something to donate.  
We need everyone's participation to make this event successful!
Please be sure to contact Carol Szytel or Al Owens if you have any questions about the event or how you can be a part of it.  We have committees for all aspects of the event and everyone can play a part!
Operation Stand Down North County
This weekend will be the Stand Down North County Event to get homeless veterans off the street.  Al Owens and Mike Cooper will be volunteering to help on Saturday morning.  They have many other times available from Thursday through Sunday if you wish to help.    This event will be held at Green Oak Ranch, Vista a you can contact Doug Clark if you would like to participate or volunteer directly by clicking HERE.
Rotary Music Scholarship
Our young lady that our club has sponsored has made it to the final competition in this District-wide event.  The finals will take place at the Museum of Making Music, located in Carlsbad above the flower fields and across from Karl Strauss. The event will start at 2:00 PM Sunday, March 12th (this Sunday!) at 5790 Armada Drive in Carlsbad.  She will be competing against 3 other finalist for the top spot an $2500.  It would be great if our Club had a good showing to support our nominee.  If you can, please attend to show your support.  The entire event should be done in about one hour. 
President's Message
Garrett Imeson
member photo
When I first joined Rotary, and looked at the  members in the room, I thought they had great potential to serve our community.  The more I learned about Rotary, I began to see all the great things they were doing in our community, as well as around the world.  This group was working to end polio in the world, provide clean drinking water in Africa, and helping numerous organizations in Escondido.  Wow, this was a special organization I just joined.   These were ordinary folks that were making an extraordinary impact in their own communities, and I was part of that team.
The first Rotary project was constructing a public restrooms in downtown Chicago, in the early 1900’s.  Since then, service to others has been the focus of Rotary over the past 100 plus years.  All Rotarian’s should be involved in some type of service effort that impacts the lives of others in a positive way.  We don’t always see the end results of our efforts.  Books we provide to a school library, may help a child learn to read.  A box we pack for our troops overseas, can provide a better day to a young Marine.  The candy we included might be given to a child in a war torn country, where small joys are too often not part of their daily lives.  It’s just what Rotarian’s do. 
To all of you that serve others, Thank You!  I’m proud to stand with you.  If you are not involved with the service Rotary does, then you are missing the point of being a Rotarian.  Don’t just come to Rotary, be a Rotarian!
Russell Hampton
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Jan 29, 2020 5:15 PM
Social Get-Together at Jeff and Aurora's
Feb 05, 2020 5:15 PM
Harvest Hills Community
Feb 19, 2020
North County Lifeline (tentative)
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Invite, Involve and Invest
Our Rotary club can only thrive when our members:
  • Invite people who can make a difference in our community
  • Involve yourself in meetings, club activities and district events
  • Invest your finances and time in making our fundraising a success!
 Thanks for all that you do to make our club great!