Stand Down Certificate

Stand Down for Homeless Vets

Thank you to all who made this year's First Annual Stand Down event a success!  Hopefully our assistance guided homeless veterans to services they need and have access to.  We will look forward to an even better event next year.
Cabaret Fund Raiser

It was a Cabaret old chums!

Thank you to all involved for an exceptional Cabaret Fund Raiser!  A great time was had by everyone and the weather cooperated as best it could.  Great food, great friends and some exceptional auction items made this year's event a wonderful success.  Thank you to all involved, for all your help and endless hours of dedication.  Our club could not do all the great things we do without the cooperation of all.  Final numbers are not in but will be announced once we have the totals.  Here are some pictures of some of our attendees and our auction items.
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
Jan 29, 2020 5:15 PM
Social Get-Together at Jeff and Aurora's
Feb 05, 2020 5:15 PM
Harvest Hills Community
Feb 19, 2020
North County Lifeline (tentative)
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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Join Date
Don Gahagan
January 1, 1997
23 years
Jeff Weber
January 1, 2010
10 years
Matthew Roberts
January 1, 2008
12 years
Craig Laursen
January 28, 2015
5 years
Invite, Involve and Invest
Our Rotary club can only thrive when our members:
  • Invite people who can make a difference in our community
  • Involve yourself in meetings, club activities and district events
  • Invest your finances and time in making our fundraising a success!
 Thanks for all that you do to make our club great!