SCW Zymurgy Club
United States of America
Saturday, July 24 at 6:00PM
Lecture 5
"The Whites - Riesling to Chardonnay"
We will be showcasing & sampling the following 6 white wines:

 1.  A dry Riesling, preferably Eden/Clare Valley from Australia or Austria

 2.  A sweet Riesling, preferably a German Kabinett or Spatlese                            

3.  A New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc                            

4.  A Sancerre or Pouilly-Fume                            

5.  A Chablis AC from France                            

6.  An oaked California Chardonnay

Please bring 2 wine glasses, a yummy dish & a bottle of your favorite white wine to share.
Participants are providing the wines to be showcased -  (One of the participants is purchasing the wines, and each participant will reimburse him at the event him for the cost, approx $5 pp)