Hello Zymurgy Club,

Wow, 411 members ... we started out the year with 319!  Are we having fun?  And, the autumn and holiday fun hasn't yet started. Stay tuned.

We've had a lot of activities recently.

We are now capable of crushing and pressing our own grapes to make wines exclusively from scratch. Carmine Cervi and Walt Jefferson are the instructors and those who will certify members to use the use the crusher, Kenny the Krusher, and the press. Lessons and certification to use the crusher and press will be determined by them. The new equipment will also be used for making ciders and fruit wines. We are indeed a Zymurgy club.
Maryalyce Scree, our club secretary celebrated her "Big 6-0 Birthday Bash" at the club.
A good time was had by all at the "Speak Easy" celebration in the Z-Club room.
We have the all-girls brew (AGB) team, half a dozen more brewing beers from extract willing to move up to the next step in brewing. There are 18 new winemakers too.
Wines and beers made and donated by the club members can now be part of our General Meetings and special events.
As a club we are coming together. Coffee? Cheese? Sausage got those too.
Bob Murray is asking that you send him pictures of your summer vacations and Z-Club events so he can update the Z-Club website with YOUR pictures.  Send them to bob@bbmurray.com.
Finally, it goes without saying we have a great social life. There is more to come, make sure you check the Z-Club Calendar for the upcoming events and read the weekly Z-Club Newsletters. We are having fun!