SCW Zymurgy Club
Palm Ridge - Summit Room
United States

The election of Officers will be held at the Annual Membership meeting November 8. At October 11 General Meeting the Nominating Committee announced all members of the 2017 Elected Board will run for reelection and there were no other nominations submitted by the deadline. A quorum of 41 members is needed to vote.

The slate for officers are

President - Ronnie Castaneda,

Vice President - Roland Cloutier,

Secretary - Maryalyce Skree, and

Treasurer - Glen Lucas

Additionally there will be a Benefit Sale of excess and no longer needed Zymurgy Club items. Bring your check books. 

For donated items not in use nor needed by the club that you need and wish them returned back, and do not want it sold to benefit the club, contact a member of the elected board with a list of your donated items you wish returned to you.  

Refreshments will be served BYOB ALLOWED.