Our Committees
The Mason County Association of REALTORS® committees are volunteer-driven.  Our REALTORS'® and affiliates' donations of time is vital to our success!
We have a number of committees that meet throughout the year to help plan events, arrange education, reach out to other prospective members and affiliates and more.  Our committees are rewarding and a great way to reach out to our community.
If you are a member or affiliate and are interested in any of these committees, please let us know!
Affiliate & REALTOR® of the Year: Chaired by prior year's AOY & ROY
This award is given out at the Installation Dinner and is defaulted to the prior winners.
Affiliate Committee (Unofficial):  Chaired by Isaiah Johnston, 2-Year Local Director
This committee is unofficial but will reach out to our affiliate members for involvement and updates.
Angels & Cherubs:  Chaired by Lori Brady, RE/MAX Top Executives
This committee, unique to MCAR, provides charitable assistance to school-aged children in need of clothing, school supplies and provide financial support through the school district.
Communication and Website:  Chaired by Lori Brady (RE/MAX Top Executives) and Tara Phillips (Secretary)
This committee is responsible for social media updates, updating our website and sharing information online.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI):  Chaired by Laura Mershon, Windermere/Himlie
This committee educates, informs and updates MCAR members about diversity, equity and inclusion.  Updates about fair housing, education on DEI, and events will be coordinated by the chair.
Education Committee: Chaired by Michelle Himlie, Windermere Himlie
This committee meets all year round looking for great classes for clock hours that we can bring our members locally. The committee is involved in getting the classes, the locations and setting the costs for them.

Finance Committee: Chaired by Vickie Nunez (Treasurer)

This committee will over see the budget and every year set it for the next year.  The committee meets quarterly to go over finances to make sure we are within our budget.

Government Affairs Committee:  Chaired by Angela Barnes, RE/MAX Top Executives
This is a very important committee for the Realtor® industry, our homeowners, landowners, buyers and sellers and the REALTOR® members. Many decisions are brought to the Hill both State and National every year that can affect your bottom line.
This committee looks at what is happening in the local political area and makes recommendations to the BOD (Board of Directors) for action. We support local actions as well, school levies and bonds, zoning issues,  growth for the county and more. This committee typically meets monthly and more frequently when needed.
Installation/Auction Committee: Chaired by the President and Incoming President
Many hands are needed to have a great night.  This includes picking the location, the menu, the price, the entertainment, and of course--the installation of the new president and Board of Directors.  This committee also sets up and takes down the event.  Also canceled due to COVID, this is a hopeful for 2021. Included in this night is the need for an auction chair to set up the fundraising, baskets, etc.  This is a major fundraiser for support of the YMCA and our Angels and Cherubs program.
Member Care: Chaired by Tara Phillips (Secretary)
The Member care committee sends flowers, cards or gifts for REALTORS® or their immediate family, or affiliate member in times of illness, death, birth, etc.
Oysterfest Committee: Interim Chair Tracy Mettier (Vice President)
This committee starts around June getting organized and the permits needed for Oysterfest, which is the first weekend of October. Due to COVID, it was canceled in 2020.  More challenges found their way to 2021, and the event will hopefully resume in 2022.
RPAC (REALTORS® Political Action Committee): Keith Fuller (2020 Past President), District 6 RPAC Trustee and Chaired by Tara Phillips (2022 MCAR Secretary)
It is how the funding for campaigns of REALTOR®-friendly candidates are raised. It helps the State and National REALTOR® guard your bottom line.
This committee plans fundraisers that are fun!! This committee will also give out recognition to members and affiliates that invest in RPAC. 
This committee will communicate with the membership the advantages of making an RPAC Investment.
Scholarship Committee: Chaired by Melissa Stearns, Co-Chair Isaiah Johnston
This rewarding committee sends out letters, application rules and forms to all the local high schools, who provide the applications to the students.  The committee reviews and selects 10 students to be interviewed.  A final 3 are selected and invited to our June General Membership meeting, where they are awarded their scholarship. 
School Supplies (Unofficial Committee): Chaired by Melissa Stearns and Vickie Nunez, Co-Chair
This committee typically meets in the summer time to gather donations for school supplies to provide to local schools depending on the year.
We need your help!  Contact any of these great committee chairs to get more information or volunteer!