Posted on Dec 28, 2017
The Mason County Association of Realtors have stepped up to the plate for the kids in need at our local schools
President Lori Brady-Dolby has worked with the staff at the Mt. View Elementary school to establish a program we call Angels and Cherubs.
Mason County Realtors and Affiliates can choose to "Adopt" a student in need for the year and supply needed items like socks, pants, coats, all kinds of clothing and school supplies.
This is a win-win program, the kids are assigned by the school and no names or identity are exchanged you get a child's age, size and some needs. From there you can supply needs monthly or when ever you want to send something to this student.  Lives are changed by someone caring for them.
The Association voted this year to send the auction funds from the Installation to the school for start up items for kids coming to the attention of the school staff. The out pour of support at the auction and since has been fantastic and a little tear jerking. Raising over $7000 dollars. 
If you would like to "adopt" a student as an office or as an individual please contact Lori Brady Dolby and she will set you up with the school contact. 
REALTORS care about the community and we have really shown it in many ways this year.