Posted on Apr 16, 2018
Visit from State Dignitaries
WAR Jerry Martin: President, Dale Chumley; VP and Steve Franks; CEO
Share associations Mission Statement of Advocacy for importance of urban lifestyle and how the continued effects of housing shortage and student loan debt effects current and future loanability.
How important it is to remember how far we have come from NO "Fair Housing". We celebrate 50 years of equality!
We also won a hard fought battle for "Water Rights" with the resolution to the "Hurst" decision.
We also need to continue to target voters and expand our connections through social media.
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Leadership Program
Jef Conkin reported  MCAR's upcoming FREE 2-3hr Noon classes @ PUD Apr 26th & May 10th offered by BOGGS Inspections as well as Annie Fitzsimmons 7.5 hrs for $65 @ Casino on June 21st.
Jeremy Morse reported need for Realtor support at Belfair bypass meeting day after tomorrow, Thur the 19th, 6-8pm, 111 NE Old Belfair Hwy
Elections on the 24th. Please reach out a congratulatory arm...or condolensce , as well as any concern you may have regarding healthy growth.