No general membership meeting this month, and just a few other things!

Summer Time!

Have you noticed how fast summer is going?  Get out there and enjoy the sun and the joys of summer real estate!  There will be no general membership meeting this month.  Our next membership will be in September, and we will be excited to see you all!
Vickie Nunez is continuing with her Mason County school supply donations.  Be sure to contact her with questions and your donations! Thank you for all the work you do for the schools, Vickie!
September is the 2020 Board of Directors Election.  If you want to run or would like to nominate someone, please make sure you contact one of the current BOD members by August 30th.
The October General Membership Meeting is the Housing Issues Briefing!  October 25th has some amazing speakers lined up that will affect you and your clients.  Be sure you don't miss this!
Have an awesome, productive, and great August, all!!!