Currently, 76 children under five years of age at the Sekusilezulu Pre-school in South Africa are required to use dangerous and unsanitary "long drop" uncovered pit toilets with no privacy or fall protection. The existing pit toilets are in the open air and facing a main road. Children using the pit toilets are exposed to passers-bys and are most are unwilling to use toilets even when needed. There are currently only two "long drop" toilets available for 76 children and 12 staff members. The Rotary Club of Richards Bay proposed to build a toilet facility which will allow girls to have four private toilet stalls; boys to have three urinals and one toilet; and staff members will have a toilet for each gender. This is a critical infrastructure for this poor community.
San Diego Coastal Rotary is partnering with the Mission Valley Sunset Club through a matching Global Grant to support this project. More information is available on the Matching Grants Project Page.