Nature Collective
Aug 01, 2019
Jennifer Bright
Nature Collective

Jennifer Bright is the Development and Communication Director at Nature Collective, a local 501(C)(3) organization. Jennifer is a community leader. Her decades of experience bring style and excellence to Nature Collective’s community relations, brand management, strategic planning, philanthropic fundraising and the cultivation of donor leadership. Jennifer is a recent 2019 graduate of Leadership North County California State University San Marcos. 

Nature Collective exists to drive a passion for nature, for all. We want our places and events to offer every human an experience and a deep connection with the living world. Our vision is a world where everyone has a passion to connect with, experience, and protect nature.

Committed to driving a passion for nature, for all, Nature Collective offers experiences from education tours and field trips to volunteer opportunities, we offer a dynamic array of activities with a community – as well as trails where you can go solo and enjoy the peace. Conservation is an important pillar to the nonprofit. With energy and determination, Nature Collective works hard to conserve our lands.