Speaker Date Topic
Steve Kildoo Aug 25, 2022
San Marcos Rotary Foundation Chair
Richard D. Marks, RDM Management Group Sep 01, 2022 12:00 PM
Professional and Leadership Development
Professional and Leadership Development

Founder & President of RDM Management Group, a training  company which focuses on professional development , sales, and leadership  training. The core of Richard’s practice is based on four key principles: Self-Discipline, Self-Confidence, Motivation, and Emotional Intelligence. These are the same four key principles which have allowed Richard to have a successful  30-year career in business and sales.  Richard's corporate  experience  afforded him the opportunity to take on struggling teams and turn them into top performers. Richard is known for working within a business structure to identify communication gaps and roadblocks that impede the effectiveness of teams and individuals.
Richard is a Veteran of the United States Army, a professional speaker, as well as a performance business coach and trainer. Richard is also an established author of Expect Great Things To Happen: Five Core Principles of Highly Effective Business Professionals. 

Lisa Stout, The San Marcos Promise Sep 08, 2022 12:00 PM
Connecting Education, Business, & Community Leadership
Connecting Education, Business, & Community Leadership

The San Marcos Promise endeavors to help students from elementary school to high school identify their strengths, interests, and talents. Through their programs, they expose them to many career opportunities and encourage them to choose, with intention, a viable post-high school pathway that can lead to a successful career and satisfying life.

The San Marcos Promise is the bridge connecting education, business & industry, and community leaders to impact students' futures. Their dedicated staff, ambassadors, and Board of Directors are dedicated to building dreams, pathways and prosperity for all students in San Marcos Unified School District.





Dr. Susan Wyche, Palomar College Sep 15, 2022 12:00 PM
Dean of Career, Technical, and Extended Education
Dean of Career, Technical, and Extended Education

A long-time educator and community college leader, Susan Wyche, leads one of Palomar College’s broadest instructional divisions as Dean of Career, Technical, and Extended Education.

Dr. Wyche comes to Palomar from Shasta College in Redding, Calif., where she served as a division dean, as well as that institution’s Dean of Economic and Workforce Development.  Dr. Wyche is focused on helping students who are unemployed—getting them re-skilled or up-skilled to prepare for how industries have changed in the last few years, and ultimately getting them into jobs.

As Dean, Dr. Wyche will lead a large and diverse academic division that ranges from Architecture to Apprenticeship, Public Safety and Nutrition.  


Dark Sep 22, 2022
Service Project
Trent McClure, Community Engagement Sep 29, 2022 12:00 PM
Solutions for Change
Solutions for Change

Solutions for Change was founded in 1999 by social entrepreneurs Chris and Tammy Megison because they didn’t think it was right for babies to be sleeping on the floor of an emergency winter shelter. 

Prior to starting up Solutions for Change, the Megisons developed and directed work and housing programs that helped thousands of homeless men get jobs, pay rent and earn their way back into society through an intense boot camp style program. As dozens of families began to come to this shelter, the Megisons realized they were confronting an enormous problem. The entire homeless response system was woefully inadequate to manage the needs of homeless families.

Big solutions were needed, and with the help of other community leaders and entrepreneurs, Solutions for Change was born. The vision was different from the current “handout” approach to homelessness. They did not include more shelter beds, feeding programs or traditional human services, but rather innovative, permanent solutions focused on well-being and capacity building.

Solutions for Change addresses root causes of poverty and dependency, and equips people with the skills, knowledge and resources to permanently solve their challenges and transform their life. We blend affordable housing, education, employment training, career pathways and personal development all within one cohesive program. Solutions for Change is a beacon of hope for all who seek to overcome.