Speaker Date Topic
No Lunch Meeting - Evening Social Jan 25, 2018
Will Rivera Feb 01, 2018 12:00 PM
Who Am I

Our very own Rotary Member, Will Rivera, will be speaking on his life, family, career and interest in Rotary.

Dana Albert Feb 08, 2018 12:00 PM
High School Music Competiton

Meet at Double Peak School to watch our first annual music competition from some of our most talented San Marcos Union School Districts students.

From 5 pm to 7 pm.  Double Peak School

Rotary Member Vasanth Vaidyanatha Esq Feb 15, 2018
Immigration - How is impacting San Marcos

Vasanth is a member of the Rotary of San Marcos Club.  He is an immigration attorney and will share about his life, family, career and what is happening with immigration locally and in our country.

Jenni Pirsk Feb 22, 2018
Bridging the Polical Divide

In honor of PEACE MOTH - As Rotarians we know how to collaborate with our global community. Yet we sometimes have difficulty having a conversation with our family and friends about the current political situation. 

Jenni Prisk is a member of the Leadership Council of Better Angels, a nonprofit organization sweeping across the United States, moderating conversations between Red and Blue voters to bridge the political divide. It is working, as testimonies from participants confirm!