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2020 Ole Man River PETS

Welcome, incoming Club and District Leaders!
PETS, the Presidents Elect Training Seminar, is one of the few hard and fast requirements Rotary International has for Club Presidents.  All Club Presidents are required to attend Presidents Elect Training.  The five districts that encompass Mississippi, Louisiana, and the metro area of Memphis, TN have pooled resources to create Ole Man River PETS (OMR PETS) for the exclusive purpose of assisting incoming club leaders with preparing for and thus having a successful year as Club President.
By December 1, 2019, every Rotary Club and now also Rotaract Club in the world was to have reported to RI and to the corresponding district the entire leadership slate for the 2020-2021 Rotary Year.  Most clubs already know who their leadership team is...but the district and Rotary International also need this information.  Please reach out to your Assistant Governor for assistance in how to report this information on your club. district, and RI data management platforms.  Once this information is recorded and reported, incoming PEs (Presidents Elect) will begin to receive information from both RI and their corresponding DGE (District Governor Elect) about how to register for PETS, what to expect, and how to make the most of this training opportunity.
The registration categories are:
  • D6190/D6200/D6800/D6820/D6840 Presidents Elect (no cost) Register in the group for your district. You will need to know the formal name of your club, which district you belong to, and you will need to have a MyRotary account.  Pay for accommodations directly with the hotel. Your club may have a reimbursement policy.
  • Visiting Presidents Elect  This group is for any visiting President Elect outside of the districts above. There will be a charge to attend.
  • Guest/Spouse (the Registrant will provide this information).  This group is for any guest/spouse/partner that will not take part in PETS itself. Registration includes the Spouse/Partner Program (this will have a series of events that are seprate and some that intersect) and Meals Only.  There is a cost for either option paid at registration.
  • Ole Man River Club Presidents Nominee (no cost). This group is for Presidents Nominee in the districts comprising Ole Man River PETS (District 6190, 6200, 6800, 6820, 6840). PNs will be club presidents in 2021-2022; you will need to know the formal name of your club, which district you belong to, and have a MyRotary account.  Pay for accommodations directly with the hotel.  Your club may have a reimbursement policy.
  • Visiting President Nominee This group is for any President Nominee outside of the districts listed above. There will be a charge to attend.
  • Other Rotarians This group is for any other visiting Rotarian who simply would like to visit Ole Man River PETS
  • Speakers, Facilitators, PETS Committee Members (this will be handled administratively)
  • Assistant Governor This group is for any Assistant Governor registering for OMR PETS. There will be a charge for registration. Your district may have a reimbursement plan.
  • Sponsors  (this will be handled administratively)
We have arranged special pricing at three hotels in Natchez for OMR PETS attendees.  That information is included in the OMR PETS Newsletters which will begin to arrive to PEs and Incoming AGs in January.
New this year, we will begin at 10am on Friday morning, March 6.  There is no need to arrive Thursday night, but the hotel rates will begin on Thursday should you have a drive that makes it impossible to arrive by the 10am start.  There will be a welcome reception hosted by the Rotary Club of Natchez Thursday evening for those who do arrive on Thursday night.  We also have a full slate of optional small group topics taking place on Friday morning for those who arrive early.  Topics will range from Youth Exchange to Polio Plus to Club Runner, dacDB, the new membership initiative, how the RI Foundation works and many more.  If you have a topic you'd like us to include, please e-mail your current or incoming District Governor.
Also new this year, we will hold a Poker for Polio Pub Crawl on Friday night at the conclusion of the day of training.  Details will be included in the newsletters.  Plan to bring a $10 cash donation and get special discounts on food and specific beverages at participating venues in downtown Natchez.  Your DGEs have promised a Paul Harris Fellow to anyone who ends the night with a Royal Flush!  Other prizes will also be awarded on Saturday with a chance to trade an additional donation to Polio Plus for a 6th card!
The grants management training will be held by each district individually rather than at the conclusion of PETS 2020.  Please be in close contact with your current district Foundation and Grants chairs to ensure your club has met the requirements to apply for district grants.  The deadline is well in advance of "your" year as President.  Don't miss out on making sure your club has signed the Memorandum of Understanding.
We will conclude the training on Saturday afternoon.  The hotel discounts will apply on Saturday night, though, so if you'd like to stay on an take advantage of the beautful City of Natchez, we encourage you to do so.
We look forward to meeting all of you and your spouses/partners should they join us in Natchez.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Zeb Winstead, DGE (DG 2020-2021) D6190
Yvonne Normand DGE (DG 2020-2021) D6200
Carmen Oguz DGE (DG 2020-2021) D6800
Ed Thurmond DGE (DG 2020-2021) D6820
Elizabeth Van Sant DGE (DG 2020-2021) D6840
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