The Santee-Lakeside Rotary Club Scholars Program began in 1995 to address the growing number of high school dropouts.  High school graduation is considered essential for long term success and independence.  The Scholars Program identifies students who need additional support and encouragement to graduate high school.  Club members, along with our coordinator Angie, provide mentoring to the students to help them graduate on time with their class.  Scholars are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA, do community service, remain free of criminal activity and stay drug/alcohol free. As long as the requirements are met, students are awarded a scholarship of up to $4,000 to cover tuition, books and fees at an accredited college or training program. This program is offered at our three local high schools: El Capitan, Santana and West Hills.  Each year, three new students are chosen (one from each campus).   Since its inception, the program has assisted over 155 students and has an 83% graduation rate with 63% of those graduating going on to attend college or post-secondary education.