Hands of Peace
Sep 19, 2019 12:00 PM
Sarah Heirendt
Hands of Peace

At Hands of Peace, our vision is supported by guiding principles that inform our decisions and actions. We stand for creating impactful and lasting change through developing future leaders who are committed to a positive and just peace.

The foundation of our program is a comprehensive group dialogue process, structured to take individual participants on a journey that includes:

  1. Exploring the conflict together

  2. Exposure to each other’s narratives and faiths

  3. Sharing of personal stories for greater understanding of our individual differences and common humanity

  4. Individual and group actions that can be taken as involved leaders


San Diego Site Director, Sarah Heirendt, is responsible for overseeing the summer program and year-round projects that take place in the San Diego area. This includes community education and outreach, participant and volunteer recruitment, alumni engagement and event planning as well as coordination and execution of the many details that go into the summer program. Sarah served as our San Diego Assistant Program Director in 2016 as well as one of the leadership training facilitators. She received her BA from Vanguard University in Cultural Anthropology and her MS from George Mason University in Conflict Resolution.