"I Care/We Care About Equality"
Dec 03, 2020 12:00 PM
Tasha Donahue
"I Care/We Care About Equality"

Tasha Donahue was born and raised on the infamous south side of Chicago.  At twenty-one years old she left Chicago to begin her world travels.  Those travels have continued throughout her life.  She started writing for syndicated newspapers regarding food, wine and family life.  Eventually she published three books, the latest a military love story based in 1970 in Rota, Spain.

Donahue, in between her travels and writing was engaged as a community activist in such areas as education and the homeless.  After Hurricane Katrina she traveled to Biloxi, Mississippi to help rebuild homes.  She also flew to Ethiopia to help her church support the Afar people in a variety of areas:  medical, agriculture and children's education.  

Most recently, Donahue remembers standing in front of her television and, like so many millions the world-over, witnessed the murder of George Floyd.  Emotions mixed in shock, sadness and anger propelled her to begin her own non-profit, "I Care/We Care About Equality". (see her Facebook page under that same name).  It is her intention, through this grass-roots initiative," to minimize racial bias in our communities.  She whole-heartedly invites the Black Community and the White Community to talk about important racial issues in America via zoom.  She has a monthly newsletter and a Facebook page just for this topic. The rest of her latest endeavor she will share with the Rotary on December 3, at 12 noon.