New Neighbor Relief
Mar 12, 2020 12:00 PM
Dan Collins
New Neighbor Relief


Refugee families arrive to the United States with high hopes of a better life after living in refugee camps for years. Their vision of the American dream fades quickly as they are faced with a whole new set of unfamiliar challenges, such as learning a new language, finding transportation, and getting a job. The government provides a short financial “grace period” during which these families are expected to become self-sufficient and fully-functioning members of society. With nothing but the clothes on their backs they seek help, only to be immersed in the complicated processes of bureaucratic agencies. Without the proper materials, training, and assistance how are they expected to thrive in this new society?

New Neighbor Relief recognizes that real help is accomplished with one-on-one assistance, love, and service. Local volunteers act as mentors as they are matched with specific refugee families with the end goal of helping them become self-reliant. This is accomplished through these 4 objectives:

  1. Immediate Help - Donated items such as clothing and furniture are distributed among new refugee families.
  2. Learning English - Refugees enroll in NNR’s very own weekly english program.
  3. Getting a Job - Job searching skills are taught and NNR’s network is utilized in finding employment
  4. Help with Transportation - A bicycle, a driver’s license, and even help obtaining a vehicle are all ways in which assistance is given.