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Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinators

Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinators (RRFC) have three primary functions:

• Promoting financial support for The Rotary Foundation
• Promoting program support for The Rotary Foundation
• Training Rotarians about The Rotary Foundation

Each RRFC works with a team appointed by the chair of the Foundation Trustees. This team includes Assistant RRFCs, Alumni Coordinator and $200 Million Polio Challenge Coordinator. RRFCs are available to assist clubs and districts with training, education, program participation and to encourage financial support for The Rotary Foundation. The RRFC and their team members work directly with the District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair, committee members and the district leadership.

Rotary Foundation Code of Policies 
Article 5. Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinators

5.010. Purpose
The purpose of the regional Rotary Foundation coordinator is to disseminate information to district governors, district governors-elect and district Rotary Foundation chairs. District leadership shall disseminate this information to the club members. (April 2000 Trustees Mtg.,Dec. 126)

5.020. Functions
Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinators serve as a key volunteer resource on all general Foundation matters, program and financial, and serve as a vital link between Rotarians and the Secretariat. In general, each regional Rotary Foundation coordinator shall be concerned with the promotion of The Rotary Foundation and its various programs, shall actively work in support of Rotary goals, and shall be responsive to requests by the Trustees and the general secretary. The Trustees recognize the importance of coordinated and consistent efforts in providing the most effective training possible to all Rotarians. (April 2000 Trustees Mtg., Dec. 126)

RRFC with Canadian Districts (only districts with Canadian clubs are listed)

Zone 24 (West) RRFC  Eva Vida

Phone - 1-204-792-2156

Districts 2225, 5010, 5040, 5050, 5060, 5360, 5370, 5550


Zone 24 (East) -RRFC Karen Oakes

Phone - 1-519-426-2331

Districts 6330, 7010, 7040, 7070, 7080, 7090, 7790, 7810, 7820

Zone 25 - RRFC
Steve W. Lewis

Phone 775-882-0633
Districts 5020, 5080
Zone 28 - RRFC Pat Merryweather-Arges
Phone 630-202-5579
District 5580
Zone 29 - RRFC
Dennis L. Crawford

Phone 412-496-8897 
Districts 6290, 6380, 6400
Zone 32 - RRFC Russ deFuria
Phone - 610-633-2678
District 7850
Rotary Foundation Staff - Zone 24
Rotary Foundation Zone 24 - Major Gift Officer
Carolyn Ferguson
Phone home office: 905-304-6831 or  847-859-7540      

Annual Giving Officer
The Rotary Foundation
   Chris Boyce
Phone: 847 866 3261