Contact: Karen Estes
Lake Rancho Viejo
4899 Lake Shore Place
Fallbrook, CA
United States of America

The Bonsall Rotary will renovate the beach volleyball court at Lake Rancho Viejo in preparation for a high school girl's volleyball tournament the next day.  The sand has become compacted with disuse and winter rains, so that it is very hard on feet.  (Also impossible for diving saves.)

Come on out and wear your Rotarians At Work shirt.  Park in the cul de sac near 4899 Lake Shore Pl, 4899 Lake Park Pl, or 4901 Lake Shore Ct.  Bring rake or hoe.  Walk the short path to the court.

Secret coded message -->  (ɹǝǝq ǝq llᴉʍ ǝɹǝɥʇ)