The Office for Exceptional Children is requesting input.

Helping students with disabilities is your main mission, and helping you serve students with disabilities is the main mission of the Office for Exceptional Children (OEC). As this brief video explains, this shared mission supports a critical education partnership.

This year OAPSA is assisting the OEC by asking its members to weigh in on what’s needed to help the critical partnership between your district/community school and the OEC to thrive. This is your chance to tell the OEC what you need.

Please help by completing the needs assessment. We know it’s a lot to ask, but the 15-20 minutes you spend in responding will support provision of high-need services to all Ohio districts and community schools as well as customized services to regions with different needs. Because of the need for responses from top special education leaders in all districts and community schools in Ohio, this request is going out through several channels.

The Needs Assessment will need to be completed by the lead Special Education administrator in your district or community school, just once prior to its closing date of April 1, 2024.

Click HERE to access the Needs Assessment