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NAPSA Conference 2023

I am excited to announce that the National Association of Pupil Service Administrators (NAPSA) will be returning to  Ohio this year for their national conference.  NAPSA is offering Ohio Educators the ability to attend the conference at a much reduced rate with some as low as $50 for the registration for this multiple day conference. 
Donna Stelzer,  JoHannah Ward, Joe Petraca and NAPSA leaders worked together  to get outstanding speakers for this conference.   
This  link to the conference brochure  is for Ohio school personnel only. It has the impressive agenda plus explanation of how to get the discounted rate. There is a limited amount of dollars available for the discounted rate so consider registering now.  
Check out the registration link below!   You will be very impressed with this agenda and the reduced cost.   
Warm Regards,
Donna Stelzer
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Celebrating our 2023 OAPSA Retirees!

Congratulations to all our OAPSA Retirees who are retiring in 2023!  We are so proud of your dedication to your career in education.     We wish  you the very best!    
Our retirees will be recognized and  honored at our OAPSA Conference during the Business Meeting on May 5.   Read about each OAPSA retiree's reflections on retiring by clicking this link:  
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OAPSA Conference Cancellation Policy

Please note our cancellation policy:

You may cancel your registration up to 5 business days before the conference deadline by notifying Gwenn Spence via email at and we will refund your registration less a $25 cancellation fee. 

For cancellations, less than 5 days before the deadline, we will refund your registration by 50%
After the deadline or a no-show, no refunds will be given.

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