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As you know,  we have eagerly looked forward to our upcoming  OAPSA  May 1, 2020 Spring Conference for months now.  While our OAPSA Executive Board has moved forward in uncharted waters helping you navigate what to do while schools  dealt with an unprecedented closure of buildings, we also moved  cautiously forward with  plans for our May 1 conference in the hope that we could still get together on May 1 as planned.  
However, it is clear now,  that given our current reality and the fact that the health, safety and well-being of our conference attendees is of paramount importance,  our OAPSA Executive Board made a decision today due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the current closure of Quest Conference Center, OAPSA will not hold the  in-person conference as planned.    Honoring our commitment to you to keep you informed and connected,  our OAPSA Executive Board  also decided that we would attempt to schedule a webinar with updated information from ODE's Office of Exceptional Children if, indeed, there are updates.     If need be, more details on that will be sent at a later date. 
One important matter that needs a vote from membership by May 1 is electing a new OAPSA Executive Board member since Paul Kidd's term on our Executive Board will conclude in May 2020.  We will be sending you information about our nominees  to become our new OAPSA Secretary and asking you to vote electronically on those  nominees  at some point in April with a quick turn around time, so please be watching for that email message. 
For those of you who have already registered for our May 1 conference,  your registration will be cancelled and, if applicable your money paid for that conference will be refunded.  
Please stay tuned to  your OAPSA emails from our Communications Officer, Dr. Valerie Riedthaler,  and our OAPSA website for more information. 

While we are continuing to navigate through uncharted waters , remember that  we are all in this boat together.  With patience, and ongoing care for one another, together we will continue to create new ways to continue to  inform and connect all of us during this crisis and, also, support and love all of us as well!