CASE is a Special Interest Division of the Council for Exceptional Children.  Membership to CASE is accessed through your CEC membership.
OAPSA is proud to be the state of Ohio's Chapter for CASE!   
OAPSA members are encouraged to join CEC and CASE, providing access to a specialized network of peers, advanced research, opportunities for advocacy, additional publications, and the opportunity to dive deeply into educational areas that reflect your dedicated interests towards helping students with exceptionalities.  
CASE Focus Areas: 
VISIONARY LEADERSHIP:  CASE is committed to innovative, forward-thinking and dedicated to excellence. 
CASE is committed to the highest standards of access, equity, belonging, and inclusion.
ENGAGEMENT:  CASE is committed to intentional partnerships with our colleagues in preK-12 education, university,  corporate, non-profit, and public communities.
INTEGRITY:  CASE is committed to fostering the values of honesty, fairness, and professional and scholarly ethics.
The Top Ten Reasons You Should Belong to CASE are: 
10.   Keep up to date on Special Education issues, significant research, practical help, and trends 
9.     Network, Network, Network
8.    Targeted Electronic Communication
7.     Increase Your Professional Involvement 
6.     Add to Your Expertise 
5.    Get the Resources You Need at Affordable Prices
4.    Develop Your Leadership Skills
3.     Make a Difference with Policy Makers
2.     Influence Your Profession 
1.     Improve the Educational Success of All Students 
To sign up to become a member of CEC and CASE Division, click the Join CEC/CASE link on the left.  
  • There are 3 types of membership (Premier, Full, and Basic) for CEC.   No matter which type of CEC membership you choose, your CEC membership will provide you with information to broaden your knowledge and keep you current and make it possible to join CASE. 
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