Sarah Walker
Director of Student Services
Amherst Exempted Village School District
550 Milan Avenue
Amherst, OH  44001



President Elect

Talia St.Clair
Director of Student Services
Indian Valley Local Schools
100 N Walnut St, PO 171
Gnadenhutten, OH 44629
Office # (740) 254-4334
Fax # (740) 254-9271

Gwenn M Spence
Director of Student Services
Granville Exempted Village Schools
130 N. Granger St
Granville, OH 43023
Office #740-587-8180
Fax # 888-683-7730


Jacqueline Vance
Director of Student Services  
Keystone Local School District 
531 Opportunity Way
LaGrange, OH 44050
Office # (440) 355-2424

Past President
Deidre S. Parsons
Director of Student Services
Barberton City Schools
479 Norton Ave.,
Barberton, OH  44203

(330) 753-1025 ext. 13127

Communications Officer
Dr. Valerie Riedthaler
The ESC of Northeast Ohio
10 North Main Street
Akron, OH  44308


Executive Director

Donna Stelzer
August 2020

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NAPSA's Vision Statement avers that: "All students will be provided appropriate supports, services and programs to overcome their barriers to learning." In light of the recent events in Minneapolis, Georgia, throughout our country, and around the world, NAPSA expresses our support to fight injustice, violence, and systemic racism, which are barriers to learning and living. 

As educators, our most precious commodity is our children, who come to us in all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, and religions.  We take them as they are, love them, feed them, care for them, and educate them. 

Sadly, racism has a longstanding history in the United States and a systemic and pervasive foothold in many societal institutions, including criminal justice, healthcare, and education. Episodes of violence and trauma in young people’s communities, especially those that arise from a place of systemic inequality, prejudice, and racism, negatively impact young people’s lives in a variety of ways. As educators, we are uniquely positioned to help young people process these experiences by providing a space to express their emotions, ask for help, and channel uncertain feelings into positive, constructive action.

As educators, our support as allies to young people trying to make sense of their feelings is critical. In the aftermath of tragic incidents of racial profiling and violence resulting from police actions, and the words and actions of those in positions of authority who may be perceived as uncaring, dismissive, and/or threatening, many young people may feel unsafe, angry, confused, frustrated, sad, and powerless.

NAPSA is committed to creating a world where everyone can live a life free of injustice and inequality, and we must demonstrate that commitment through our thoughts and actions. We know we will be successful in making our vision a reality only when we effectively confront and address these inequities and, as pupil services administrators, play a vital role in this indispensable endeavor.

To view NAPSA's Vision and Mission Statements, please  click here

June 3, 2020
Dear Colleagues,
The Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) is dedicated to the enhancement of the worth, dignity, potential, and uniqueness of each individual in society and we reaffirm these commitments and beliefs as leaders in the field of special education today.  We recognize, however, that beliefs and commitments are not enough and, as an organization, we believe the systemic conditions and underlying factors including institutional racism resulting in the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor and many other untold victims require immediate actions to redress the harms caused. Our country is in the midst of two national crises - the COVID-19 pandemic and the racial unrest.  Both of these crises are disproportionately impacting communities and individuals  of color across our country.
We can and must do more.  CASE commits to working with its members across the country to strengthen our systems, engage in difficult conversations, and develop resources to bring about meaningful, positive change so the civil rights of everyone, and in particular, those who have been marginalized in society, are honored. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  CASE will engage in a planning process to ensure our policies and positions are inclusive. We will also focus on strategies to increase representation of people of color in leadership roles in special education across the country.  We will consider actions and mindsets that center equity, inclusion, respect, collaboration, deep listening, and unity in a way that brings us all together toward better outcomes. Members or others with specific ideas about how to undertake this important work should contact Phyllis Wolfram at or our President, Erin Maguire at
In partnership,
Erin Maguire, President
Dr. Mike Asip, Unit Development Chair
Dr. Pam Baker, Product Committee Chair
Dr. Mary Lynn Boscardin, Journal Editor
Dr. Julie Bost, Membership Committee Chair
Eric Hoppstock, Treasurer
Dr. Adam Leckie, Publications Chair
Myrna Mandlawitz, Legislative Consultant
Kindel Mason, President-Elect
Gary Myrah, Past-President
Heath Peine, Professional Development Chair
Dr. Kevin Rubenstein, Policy and Legislative Chair
Dr. Gina Scala, Research Chair
Greta Stanfield, Secretary
Carrie Turner, Technology & Communications Chair
Phyllis Wolfram, Executive Director
Jacqueline Vance will begin her duties as OAPSA Executive Secretary May 1, 2020.   Please welcome Jackie to our OAPSA Executive Board! 
Each year in the spring,  when we bring a new member into the Executive Board, it's time for one of our Executive Board Members to move back into the role of an OAPSA member. Thank you to Paul Kidd, OAPSA's Past President, who will be moving off our OAPSA Executive Board as Jacqueline joins us.     Paul has served faithfully as he has moved through the typical rotation of our officers  from being  OAPSA's Secretary to President Elect to  President and to Past President over the past four years.    We are so very grateful that Paul shared his  time, his leadership, his many talents and expertise with OAPSA for four years and we look forward to continuing to have our paths cross with him in the future in his role as a member of our OAPSA membership committee.   I know you join me in thanking Paul for his dedication and hard work over the past four years. 
Our OAPSA Executive Board met briefly this afternoon and as part of that meeting, we recognized the leadership of our OAPSA President, Deidre Parsons.  Deidre's term as President will conclude on May 1, 2020  but she will remain on our Executive Board for a full year in her new role as our Past President.  Sarah Walker will then move into her role as President of OAPSA and Talia St. Clair will move into her role as President Elect.   And, as you know, we are in process of voting on a new secretary who will take on that role.  Deidre's plaque will be shipped directly to her residence and should arrive shortly. 
Thank you, Deidre, for your leadership during what has turned into a very unusual school year!
The Winner of OAPSA's Dr. John Opperman Outstanding Contribution Award 2020 is
Angela Macwhinney 
Director of Special Education 
Delaware City Schools
And it was a total surprise for her! 
Here's how we kept the secret.  Dr. Benjamin R Jenkins, Director of  Special Education at West Clermont Schools, nominated Angela and kept that nomination a secret from Angela. Working with Ben and OAPSA, her district arranged to surprise her at a previously scheduled virtual  administrative meeting with her district administrators which was held the afternoon of April 21.   There were 33 participants on Hangout to witness Angela receiving the announcement about the award.  Her husband along with Dr. Ben Jenkins,  Paul Kidd, Deidre Parsons, Dr. Valerie Reidthaler and I were all special guests that surprised Angela at the start of our announcement. We managed to keep it such a surprise that Angela was close to speechless at first.
 OAPSA thanks Jerry Stewart, Executive Director of Human and Material Resources and to  Heidi Kegley, Superintendent, at Delaware City Schools for helping OAPSA plan this wonderful surprise.  It brought  big smiles to the faces of all in attendance (See photo below) !    We plan to recognize Angela again the next time we can all be together at our next OAPSA "in person" conference. 
Here's Angela's official response: 
Photo from Awards Presentation - Just Look at Those Smiles! 
And here are Angela's initial thoughts- 
"This was an absolute shock and I am honored and frankly still in disbelief. I've watched the video and loved seeing the smiles of my colleagues, friends, and husband. The past few weeks have been incredibly stressful and seeing each of them smile was the best gift of all. Thank you again!"
For those of you who want all the details, here is the press release: 

The Ohio Association of Pupil Services Administrators (OAPSA) proudly announces that Angela Macwhinney is the recipient of The Dr. John Opperman Outstanding Achievement Award for 2020.   Mrs. Macwhinney is currently the Director of Special Education for Delaware City Schools and was formerly a Preschool Special Education and Early Childhood Supervisor for Lima City Schools.  

Angela was nominated by an OAPSA member, Dr. Benjamin R Jenkins, who worked closely with Mrs. Macwhinney for three years at Delaware City Schools. Two of those years they were fellow Special Education Supervisors and then the third year, Mrs. Macwhinney was his immediate supervisor.  Dr. Jenkins has continued to consult and collaborate with Mrs. Macwhinney over the past two years in his new role as Director of Special Education at West Clermont Local School District.    Dr. Jenkins describes Angela as thoughtful, kind, funny and most importantly, student centered.  He noted that Angie’s opinion is sought out very frequently and is always sound.   Dr. Jenkins explains that Angie has improved student services at Delaware City Schools and one of those improvements was that she created a centralized IEP training for all special education staff members.    A guiding principal of that training is doing the right thing for the district’s neediest students.  It was so well done that other districts, such as West Clermont Schools wanted to duplicate that training.

Angela has faithfully attended OAPSA conferences for years and always encourages her fellow pupil services administrators to join OAPSA which helps OAPSA to increase their membership.  Angela also always has thoughtful insights about the information that is presented at OAPSA’s conferences and shares her insights with her peers. In addition, in January 2020, when OAPSA needed to find 5 volunteers within a 24 hour time period to be a part of group that ODE was forming to discuss proposed changes to standards for the Implementation of Positive Behavior Intervention Supports and the use of Restraint and Seclusion, Angela was one of the first ones to unconditionally volunteer to represent OAPSA.

Jerry Stewart, Executive Director of Human and Material Resources at Delaware City Schools, indicates that Angie is a highly effective leader in both her district and community.  She cares deeply about all students and regularly goes the extra mile to make sure the students, their parents and staff have the materials, resources, supplies and professional development to be successful. She can be rarely found in the office as she thrives being in the schools, with the students and staff.  In addition, Angie serves the community as a member of the City of Delaware Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. 

OAPSA, which is Ohio’s Chapter for CASE (Council of Administrators of Special Education), established The Dr. John Opperman Outstanding Contribution Award in 2019 to annually recognize a member of OAPSA who had contributed greatly to the profession. OAPSA is proud to honor Angela Macwhinney for some well-deserved recognition for her outstanding contribution for her profession.  


I know you join with me in congratulating Angela! 

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