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Dear Rotarians,
In our efforts to keep everyone up-to-date on club matters related to the local fires, below are some important announcements:
I. First, from Mike Stauber: 
Due to the fires, the Youth Exchange BBQ scheduled for this Friday, October 13th has been cancelled. I want to thank you for volunteering for this wonderful yearly event.  I will be back in touch once I have a new date for the event and I hope you will still be able to volunteer. Sending thoughts of safety to you and your families and our community. 
Mike Stauber
II. I visited two of the largest evacuation centers today in Petaluma and asked them how and when do they need volunteers:
1. Lucchesi Center:
* 8 am to 11 am to help in the kitchen and set up for lunch. 
* 7 pm to 9 pm to help with dinner and getting the main auditorium ready for the night shift (setting up cots for people to sleep on)
2. Vets Hall:
* 4 pm to 6 pm to help prep and serve dinner
Both locations have a lot of food and supplies, so they are asking that you NOT bring anything to the centers at this time.
III. The first Friendship Feast that was set for Saturday, Oct 14 and hosted by Tawny and Onita has been cancelled, but will be re-scheduled soon. If you were invited to attend this FF, you may have already been contacted, but wanted to be sure you knew.
Thanks again for everything that you are doing during these difficult times including volunteering, hosting people at their homes and helping coordinate help and communications. I'm so proud to be a member of this club!
All the best, 
\11 AM
Jennifer Strong advises us that this afternoon our D5130 District Governor Bob Rogers will email us information regarding fire-relief donations, website access and coordinated Rotary efforts.   As you will recall, Jen has demonstrated incredible leadership with the Lake County Area fires.  We will update this post as we receive information in the coming hours.  In the interim, you, your family and your friends are welcome to view Jennifer's incredible presentation (video) and story she shared with our Petaluma Rotary Club this summer:
As you know, we are currently in a Red Flag Alert condition - a confluence of wind speed, high temperature and low humidity.
Here's a helpful website to evaluate the current wind speed, direction and forecast by day using an online animated map:


Current analysis - looking good with easterly winds until midday Saturday, then 9 Knots South/South-WEST winds gusting to 23 Knots.  On Sunday, the wind direction is currently forecast to be even "worse" - blowing straight WEST but fortunately only 3 to 5 Knots with gusts 12-15 Knots midday.  Stay tuned and keep your eyes on the www.windy.com  (or download the app on your smartphone).
Michael Nistler

In the upper-left corner (on the actual website page), enter "Petaluma" and select Petaluma Sonoma County, California to zoom in to view daily forecast at bottom of the page - the animation here is using the current time. 
You can also change the forecasted time using the "play" mode, either selecting a giving time on the horizontal timeline or even providing a daily moving animation.
To enter this mode, click the red X and then press the play icon (triangle pointing right in lower-left corner on the actual website using the above link).  You can toggle between the two modes by clicking at the top of the screen, "Forecast for this location"

Here is a static example taken at 9PM Wednesday:
And if you love to play with toys, in the lower-right corner of the collapsed view (on the actual website), you can click on the windsock to see actual data from National Weather Service collection stations (like our Petaluma airport), the forecasted weather (cloud icon with peeking sun) that shows aggregated highlight wind direction and speed in mph, etc.  Below illustrates the current forecast issue with reverse wind direction (blowing SOUTH-WEST) 5 mph at 9 AM on Sunday.
1:00 PM
Sonoma County Sheriff Office
1:09 PM
Per Mike Harris' Facebook page:
I spoke to their leadership team there and they will take any and all overflow donations. They will process them, package them and then distribute them to the shelters as their direct need arises. 

This will be for all donations. Food (non-perishable), clothes, diapers etc. All donations. 

Please contact Mitham there.   They are located at 721 S McDowell Blvd
6:00 PM
Sonoma County Sheriff Office
       Evening briefing on Facebook (identifying names of first 10 fatalities)