Qualicum Beach Flying Club's KIWI program let's our non-flying members go flying!

Posted by Randy Parcels



Thanks to the efforts of the Flying Program members, a new and revitalized KIWI program is now being introduced.  This should be a real "hit" with those of you who don't have a pilot's license and thus are unable to go flying hardly at all.

Several of the Flying Program pilots have offered to fly any member anywhere, at any time (well, within reason, anyhow), in GIEO.  Yes, there will be a cost to you to enjoy this added membership benefit, but at $44.00/hour, plus fuel and any other charges such as ground time, landing or parking fees, it should be under $100 / hour for any flight.  Not to mention the added convenience of going when and where you want.  Details on how it works and a list of pilots are outlined in the "Member's Only" section of our website - have a look and book your flight before the rains come!!!

If you have any questions on the Program or suggestions to make it better, talk to any Executive Board member. or contact flying director Jim Hannibal 

Non QBFC members please take a look our membership information link on QBFC's home page of this website.