2020-21 Rotary Changeover

Posted on Jun 30, 2020
Last night we had our Rotary Club of Warners Bay changeover. Members and guests all zoomed in as our current President Les Corrigan passed the collar over to President Elect Barry Knowles.
We were pleased to have District Governer Graeme and Sue and Area Governer Clarice join us for our formalities and celebrations.
We had an induction into the Paul Harris Fellowship with a virtual presentation to RN Rob Woolley who is part of the MHERV initiative. His service to the community was recognised by all in attendance and Rob also shared with us some stories from the road. Our club along with Rutherford/Telarah has recently taken over MHERV as our own initiative.
A special recognition of the Rotary Superhero pin for the very first time in our club was presented to outgoing President Les in recognition of his work with Rotary and in the community.
A full report will be detailed in our next newsletter.
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Celebrating local mothers and babies

Posted by Kerry Hayes on Jun 12, 2020
As you may be aware, each month Rotary celebrates a theme. Each year, April is designated  Rotary Maternal and Child Health Month, which is one of Rotary’s ‘Areas of Focus’.

Around the world, Rotary is involved with many projects which address issues relating to and aiming to improve the health of mothers and children. These include projects which look at improving nutrition, developing better antenatal and birth care, hygiene, school health, and general health issues.
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Meeting with Guest Speaker Andrew Best

Posted on Jun 01, 2020
Another great meeting tonight with 26 participants logging on.
President Les and President Elect Barry gave us some updates on club business. We discussed our upcoming projects for both this year and next year. The club has had working parties meeting on various aspects of our club throughout the pandemic and continues to engage members regularly.
Andrew Best Supervisor, Club & District Support from Rotary International, Australia, South Pacific & Philippines joined us with a very informative presentation about his role and many others in the Parramatta office, we all learned something new. He also gave an update on his new club Rotary Social Impact Network, how they have chartered, what they have planned and also showed us how they have been communicating as an online club. Thanks again Andrew. 

Adrian gave us some insight into where he came from and his career and family life. Thanks also to AG Clarice who also joined in after the very first District Changeover of the year.
A highly enjoyable evening. Stay well 
Photo: Andrew Best on Group Study Exchange, District 7570 Virginia/Tennessee, USA in 2014
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Meeting with Guest Speaker Wilma Simmons

Posted on May 18, 2020
Tonight’s meeting had 25 attendees and focused on a very important topic of Child Protection presented by Wilma Simmons.
Firstly a little business from President Les on the Constitution update and adoption.
Wilma took us through her presentation and an engaging Q&A followed from members. Thank you Wilma. Our getting to know you spot was with Brian Maclachlan sharing about his journey of life long learning.
DG Graeme and Sue Hooper also joined to listen in as we were heading into a project meeting on our Charity Bike Riding event and the direction it will be taking in the future.
Thanks to our speakers, contributors, AG Clarice and DG Graeme and Sue for attending.
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The future of the Loop Charity Ride

Posted on May 12, 2020

Hello cyclists

The Rotary Club of Warners Bay has run a cycle event in the Lake Macquarie area for over 20 years.

We feel it is time to rejuvenate the event, but would very much value your opinion to ensure the changes we are planning are what the cycling community and their families want.

If you could take a couple of minutes to complete the attached survey we would be most grateful.

Thanks in anticipation, and we hope to see you in 2021!


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Meeting with Guest Speaker Leo Magnisalis

Posted on May 04, 2020
Our club had its second Zoom meeting tonight with 30 participants and a great program including our two Youth Exchange students and a guest speaker. Olivia our YEP outbound to Norway who unfortunately due to Covid19 has returned home early, talked about her experience learning a new language, taking a short trip including skiing and making friends, although disappointed to return home early, she is still learning Norwegian and would like to return at a later date.
Also Gabby our Inbound YEP luckily has almost been here for a year, will return home early to Brazil as well. She talked about how much she has enjoyed and learned from her experience as well.
Our Guest Speaker Leo Magnisalis from Magtech IT made a very timely presentation to educate us on how to spot email and online scams, what to do if you have been scammed and also tips on security. There was great engagement through lots of questions from our participants.
Thanks to all involved and looking forward to our next meeting in a fortnight. 🙏
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Our first Zoom Meeting

Posted on Apr 20, 2020
While we are all doing the right thing and staying home at this time, we can still stay connected.
Our club had it's first and very successful Zoom this evening with 26 participants.
We are very fortunate to live in a time where during this isolation, we have many tools at our disposal to keep in touch.
We are planning our regular fortnightly meetings with guest speakers.
Thanks to District 9670 for making Zoom available to us and particularly Pat Heal for his assistance and guidance.
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