Posted on Jul 13, 2020
Our fortnightly Zoom meetings continue on and tonight we had guest speaker Sally Hetherington OAM, founder and CEO of Human and Hope Association Incorporated (Australia). At the age of 25, Sally bought a one-way ticket to Siem Reap, Cambodia, with the goal of helping people living in poverty.
A few months into her journey in Cambodia, Sally realised that the sustainable development of a community cannot be achieved through the involvement of short-term foreign volunteers. The realisation led Sally to transform a community centre into a locally run NGO registered organisation - Human and Hope Association (Cambodia).
Sally’s strong belief in local empowerment for community sustainability led to the selfless decision of making herself redundant at the end of the four-year transformation process. Human and Hope Association Incorporated was subsequently established under Sally’s leadership, with the purpose of raising funds to empower communities to reduce inequalities and spread awareness about the importance of local empowerment.
Sally shared the three-fold work of Human & Hope Association Inc: Education, Vocational Training and Community Support. She also shared that her vision was to train up the local people to run the local programs, be the teachers and mentors – and to eventually make herself redundant – the true definition of a “sustainable project”. After 4 years, she has managed to fulfil that goal.
Sally returns each year, to Cambodia, and continues to see an ever-growing gap between the wealthy and the poor. Siem Reap is strongly reliant on the tourist trade, which has ceased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most tourist venues (hotels, restaurants, resorts) have laid off their staff, and there is no income support. The staff at Human & Hope have unanimously agreed to take a 20% pay cut so that they all stay in work and continue to support, educate and lead their community.
Sally shared how we might support this good work. An indication of what our support can achieve:
$40 = an emergency food pack
$128 = sponsorship of a family for the home garden project
$300 = a sewing machine micro-finance loan
For members who would like to personally donate, these links will allow them to claim a tax deduction: (for a general donation)
Or purchase ethically handmade products (from $5.99), or Sally’s book at
Full story will be published in the next newsletter.