Posted by Barry Knowles on Feb 08, 2021
Hi Members and Friends,
As the Christmas and New Year break fades rapidly into distant memory we can now focus squarely, on what the next few months holds, and get down to making sure all our plans come to fruition.
The big one, of course is the Lake Mac Autumn Fair.
I have been working quite hard on this, and we are gradually building up a good selection of participants and stalls, Rotary run, charity run and commercially run.
Meanwhile, Adrian and Toni McLean are starting to pull together the entertainment aspects.
Other things on the horizon are the Bunnings Barbeque in April, and the Memory Walk barbeque on 21st March. In addition the Survivors R us breakfasts continue as does the Oz Harvest packing.
Gail has been quietly progressing our Schools Peace Project all through last year and that will come to fruition this year, including the installation of the ‘Peace Poles’ at 4 local schools.
We will also have the pleasure of Syann Williams, a Rotary Peace Fellow, speak at our meeting on Monday, both very timely events which coincide with the Rotary 100 Peace Symposium which runs in April this year and the Rotary Focus on the Month for February, being Peace and Conflict Resolution.
Mherv hit the road again this week!
We are pleased to welcome our long suffering (through COVID time) mherv nurse, Rob Wooley, to the meeting on Monday and I am sure he will tell us a bit about this current tour, and will have a few anecdotes for us.
Keep well, keep active!