Posted by Barry Knowles on Aug 10, 2020
It has been a frustrating few days to say the least. As I was setting up for our first face to face board meeting last Monday, I heard that our live-in Newcastle Jet had been sent home from school with cold-like symptoms. So we got him tested (negative), but had to cancel the face-to-face, just in case.
Then, having confirmed with Club Macquarie that we were good to meet there on Monday, we had 3 covid cases in Newcastle, with the potential for more, so I cancelled that too. Things do seem to be calming down, and I am hopeful we can meet face-to-face next time!
Due to his need to concentrate on his health, Peter Raynor has had to step back from all things Rotary. He will remain a member of Warners Bay, but that is all. Hopefully sometime in the future he will be able to return to some sort of active role. Peter has been an inspiration to me, and a great help and mentor as I grapple with my new role. I am sure quite sure I am not alone and many others have found his dedication to Rotary and his enthusiasm and energy inspiring. Our thoughts are with him and Margaret as they work through his latest setback, and I am sure we all fervently hope we see him back to his old self soon. Hopefully, by now you will have seen Les’s revision of the club by-laws, which the whole club needs to vote on and accept. I would like to thank Les for all his work on this and hopefully we can finalise his work on Monday. Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find a summary of how things are going with the Trailer Raffle. In summary it seems we have got quite a few new donations and I think with one more push we can get the number of items we need to feel happy that we have a good product to raffle. mherv’s next tour has, unfortunately, had to be cancelled, due to Covid concerns out there amongst the Rotary clubs we rely on. A meeting next week will decide where we go from here. We will hold a meeting with Toronto Sunrise next week, to look into how we might put together a ‘fete’ type event in Speers Point Park to coincide with a bike ride. We will see if we can come up with something that is doable, given the manpower we have. Glenda is looking into membership drive possibilities, and also has some ideas which may help with the Mini-bike ride idea I will get around to getting off the ground soon. Just need the days to get a little bit longer and warmer. I think that is all for now. Keep well, keep safe and keep doing stuff!