Posted by Barry Knowles on Dec 18, 2020
The Christmas Trailer Raffle has been drawn with the winners being drawn at Survivors R Us on Friday 18th December and the lucky winners are:
1st: Damon McDonald
2nd: Ann Humpreys
3rd: Ryan Field
For our Presidents message from the day please read more
“Hello everyone and welcome to the draw for the Rotary Club of Warners Bay Christmas Trailer Raffle. We have three excellent prizes and we will be drawing the winner of all three in just a few moments.
Just before we do, I would like to mention our co-beneficiaries Survivor’s R Us, who have kindly allowed us to make the draw at their premises here in Cardiff today. As a club, we have been working with Survivor’s R Us for the last few months, helping with breakfasts and forging a closer relationship in a number of ways. SRU do an excellent job working with people who have suffered from domestic violence and helping people get back on their feet.
RCWB has domestic violence as a key area for our charitable work and is proud to be associated with this admirable organisation and we hope to work with them for some considerable time to come.
I also need to mention Christine Johnson- Evans and John Evans, who have been the main drivers of the Christmas Trailer project. From an original idea from Christine, they have sourced and registered the trailer, cajoled our members to get the thing filled, got the tickets printed, organised the selling venues, managed the selling roster and lived and breathed the effort for the last 8 months. To say it wouldn’t have happened without them is one of the world’s great understatements.
I also want to thank Vina Chubb who has provided a home for the prizes and been involved almost as much as Christine and John, RCWB member Paul Burchell of Electrodry who made a generous donation to help us buy the trailer and get the idea on the road, literally.
All the local companies who made donations. Their names are on the side of the trailer, and of course all of the RCWB members who generously gave their time to sell tickets over the last three months.
We managed to sell ALL the tickets we had printed which is thanks to them and also to Lake Macquarie Fair shopping centre who allowed us to sell tickets from outside Big W for several weeks no charge, at the time when that space could easily have been sold.
I would now like to ask Ann-Maria Martin of SRU to step forward and accept a cheque for $7,000 courtesy of RCWB and the trailer raffle.” Ann-Maria was asked to draw the first prize ticket, followed by two volunteers drawing the other prizes.
Christine called all the winners and left messages with them.
It just remains for me to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a good year in 2021.