A Thank You for a Wonderful Year Abroad


  A lot of hard work goes into making an exchange year abroad a wonderful experience for our outbound students.  Fortunately, District 6650 has dedicated Rotarians who are willing to donate their time to make sure each of our exchange students have positive, life-changing year abroad.  We recently received a big thank you from Allison VanTwisk.  A message like this makes all of the hard work worthwhile for our students.




            “** * [T]oday is my last day in Germany.  (It’s so weird to be going.  I really love it here and I’ve had a wonderful year, but I think I’m ready to go home.  I’m so happy but SO sad to be leaving.  My last 2 months here have been really special though.  In May I got to go on the eurotour with my district to Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Czech Republic and it was a blast.  And them almost every weekend after that I got to travel with either my host family or Rotarians to Amsterdam, London and Southern France.  All of those trips were wonderful.  Since the last trip, which was almost two weeks ago, I’ve just been getting ready to leave and saying goodbye to friends.  It was really hard for me to say bye to the other exchange students in my district and also to a lot of German friends.  Last Sunday evening I had a going away party with almost 30 people.  We had a barbecue and just hung out and it was a really nice evening.  Yesterday after school some of my German friends threw me a surprise party and that was so touching.  I cried!  And they gave me a few personalized presents like a picture/signature book along with a T-shirt that they made themselves.

            I just want to thank Rotary again once more for this amazing experience, it’s truly been the best year of my life.”