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January 2020


Happy New Year!

Dear Members and Friends of the Eco-Rotary,
May you be fueled by the beauty of Nature, nourished by valuable and sincere relationships, and propelled by a sense of purpose in your life to keep acting against environmental and social injustices.
May you find the courage to question societal habits and fight the status quo and apathy that hamper change.
May you participate in restoring the health of the planet for future generations and choose the community and environmental benefits before individual gain and profits.
May this new year bring you Joy and Happiness in all your projects and activities!
Happy New Year!
Yours in Rotary,
Amelie Catheline
Club President 2019-2020

Upcoming Events

Speaker Program

A Growing Passion by Nan Sterman
We are very pleased to receive Nan Sterman on January 7th, at 6PM.
Nan is the host, co-producer, and co-writer of A Growing Passion. She will talk about her journey with A Growing Passion, how the show came to her, how they come up with episode ideas, and what it is like to make a show. She will share the awards they have won and funny, odd and memorable things that have happened along the road.
Rotary Model UN Program
We are excited to receive Stephanie Rossi on January 14th, at 6 PM, who will talk about the Rotary Model United Nation Program implemented by our District 15 years ago.
This is a great opportunity to learn how students throughout the San Diego region can participate in a transformative and learning experience that help develop Peace Makers and World Leaders.
Field Trip: Visit of The Ecology Center
Join us for a great visit of The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano.
The Ecology Center  is a non-profit organization that models creative solutions for thriving on planet Earth.
Contact us if you would like to join us!

Community Service at San Dieguito County Park

Join us on the January 12th, 2020, to start the new year by helping beautify San Dieguito County Park from 9-11 AM.  
We meet at the upper parking lot. Bring a friend! 
Mark your calendar:
  • January 12th, 2019
  • February 2nd, 2019
Visit our website for more information.

An Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

Eco-Minute by Bill Dean

Bill Dean, one of the founders of the Solana Beach Eco-Rotary, shared with us his eco-minute during our Club meeting on December 3rd, 2019: a reflection on the impact of our clothing habits and the choices made by his family members.
"I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.  And of course, I’m curious “what did you wear on Thanksgiving Day?” 
More than 60% of fabric fibers are now synthetic, derived from fossil fuels. And 85% of all textiles end up in the landfill.  And we are finding clothing synthetic microfibers in the deepest parts of the ocean and on the highest peaks of the earth.
The fashion industry is a $2.4 trillion-dollar-a-year industry that not only affects economics, it impacts human rights and climate policy.  This industry has increased 60% just in the last 15 years! It has done so by exploiting the toil of the powerless and the voiceless.
The bottom line is clothing and footwear account for 8% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. 
And yes, we the consumers, bring our own dirty laundry to this story. At what point in our culture did we decide we needed walk-in closets? How many T-shirts do we really need?  What level of dirt and stink collects on our clothes after we wear them sitting at a desk for eight hours?  How hot must the water really be to clean our socks?  Why must we tumble dry? 
So back to Thanksgiving.  My Thanksgiving was great.  I’m not sure at what point during the day my oldest daughter, Laura, looked up at me brightly and said “how do you like my shirt”?  I thought it liked nice and colorful and she responded: "DAV."  She had bought it at the Disabled Veterans Thrift Store in Oceanside.  And then my 15 year old granddaughter, from across the room wearing a light blue sweater added "mine too!"
Now as you know, I have been pretty involved with the environmental movement and so through osmosis, my daughters and son have a proclivity toward responsible environmental behaviors.  But this was a new level, and the fact that my teenage granddaughter was wearing used clothing, well, I felt guilty. 
So I have stepped up my game, and tonight, I’m wearing my unwashed thanksgiving day outfit.
I suggest we all start thinking about our holiday attire this year."
by Bill Dean, December 3rd, 2019.

What Happened Last Month?

Holiday Party

Thank you to the Lopez Family who hosted our 2019 Holiday Party! Thank you to our Chefs Mickael S., Andi K., and Alison L. for the delicious meals and a special thanks to the Lopez' daughters for the cake! 
We had so much fun and laugh, with great friends and wonderful music. Thank you all for coming!
Videos and pictures are available on our Facebook Page.

Club Meetings

We had the great pleasure to receive Maxie Gluckman, former Club President of the Rotary E-Club of San Diego, who founded an education consulting company. Through her company, she developed a program "Train for Change" that provides teachers in Honduras the ability and capacity to build a strong educational system. Here are two videos explaining the program and showing the amazing impact of Maxie's program.
Click on the pictures below to view the videos:
We also received James Wang, Vice-chair of the Encinitas Environmental Commission who explained why it is important to encourage the construction of all-electric buildings in our cities, reducing the use of natural gas. Natural gas is a fossil fuel,a non-renewable resource, that contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions. 

Service Project at
San Dieguito County Park

Our great Eco-Rotary team transplanted several Lemonadeberry trees in San Dieguito County Park. Thank you to all the volunteers that have helped us throughout the year!
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