After the presentation by Jonathan Zaidman a few months ago, we were eager to go visit The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano!

It was wonderful to see their vision put into action. Through their effort, they help restore the soil of this agricultural land, create a community place, a farmers market and a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. They inspire their community to implement regenerative solutions that are adaptable at small and larger scale, while respecting the human, and ecological components of an ecosystem. A great program!

The regenerative organic agriculture is an evolution of organic agriculture that takes into account also the soil, that benefits animals and treats people well.

Their farm is a kind of market garden, meaning they use hand tools and no tractors.

They develop different programs for the community, education, compost and mulching, and obviously the farm stand. The farm stand will accept BET/snap program soon.

The community of San Juan Capistrano is very diverse and The Ecology Center create events around the various cultures, Mexican, European-American, Native American...




They recently got a 25ha field, they stripped it and will start from scratch after letting the land rest.



This big land will be separated in different areas for various projects: a community garden for the city, a farm stay (for guest chefs, apprentices...), a culinary center (add value to strawberries and such...)... They will also keep a section for farm garden to grow food sold at the farm stand or given to charities.




In the farm garden, rows of fruits trees will separate 1ha squares of cultures, it also serves as home for owls and birds that will eat the ground pests protecting the crops.