After the great presentation about Ecolife at our weekly meeting on January 8th, we went to Escondido to discover the Ecolife Aquaponics Innovation Center.
Ecolife mission is Protecting People and the planet
Their main activities are building oven in communities in Mexico and Uganda, and developing aquaponic farming.
At their Aquaponics Innovation Center, they also display the two kind of oven they provide in Mexico and Uganda, adapted to the local way of cooking. The Mexican one has a metal chimney while the Ugandan one is all bricks.
The chimney allow the smoke to get out of the house which is obviously better for the health of the people. And this kind of oven also allow to use less wood for the same efficiency, better for the environment and better cost for the people, win-win!
In Mexico, the community Ecolife is helping, is sharing space with the monarch butterflies. This system helps also to preserve the monarchs.
Those oven are built in place, in about 2 hours, with mostly local material.
Up the hill we reached this green house where all the aquaponics experiments are conducted. All the food produced here is donated to food banks and non profit. They organize regular tours to share their knowledge and progress, and they can help school develop some aquaponics project in class.