Posted on Nov 04, 2018
Great job at the park this morning, 5 cubic yards of ice plant have been removed by Amélie, Niels, Maxie and Joseph!
For this monthly event, we received the help of two members of the E-Club Rotary, Maxie and Joseph.
Maxie Gluckman is the president of this E-club Rotary. They are an online club focused on international matters, they meet in San Diego and they use Zoom for the members around the world!
The park ranger, Alejandro Santos, and the whole park team are very grateful that Amélie, Niels, Maxie and Joseph pulled approximately 5 cubic yards of ice plant off Area 7’s south lawn. They really appreciate our continuous volunteering efforts. So let's keep going and we will meet there on December 9th (exceptionally 2nd Sunday of the month because of another event on December 2nd)