A Rotarian named Topher McBride realized in 2001 that there is something more to life than a career and a family. That something more is called community.
Topher found opportunities at the local public elementary school to volunteer his time promoting PARP Parents As Reading Partners. He decided the next chapter in his career would be a “local business”.  That’s when Rotary entered the picture.
Rotary –a group of like-minded individuals that give back to the concept of community– showed Topher that by working together within the structure of an organization, following the protocol, seeing opportunities when they are presented can effect positive change.
Since becoming a member of Rotary in 2004, Topher has helped to positively effect change in many ways and many lives. Among the many skills that Rotarians develop are how to create a plan, recruit a team, and be dedicated to reaching a goal.
Topher grew up in a wooded community, where his favorite thing to do was to be under the canopy of life, surrounded by birds, forest creatures, and yes, trees. So although Topher knows Rotary can do lots of good things to effect positive changes. He is very pleased that Rotary also cares about the forest, deserts, oceans, rivers, streams, air, and trees like him.
An opportunity to receive 25 young trees crossed Topher’s path in a newsletter of the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) it offered to send these trees to anyone who would commit to properly seeing to it that they are planted and cared for, that the place they are planted is for the purpose they are intended. That purpose is to strengthen a tributary, a shoreline, the place where water and the ground become one. The critical element that keeps the balance between the two is roots, they not only make the shore stronger, they grow tall and provide a place for creatures to live, turn carbon dioxide into oxygen and so much more.
So he seized that opportunity out of love and with the power of passion and the experience learned in Rotary, 25 trees were delivered, nurtured through the shock of being shipped, prepared to live in the dangers of the wild. Topher made some safety to protect them, he found places with plenty of light and water so they can grow. He will revisit them with extra water, and prune them to be strong, love them and they will love him back.