May 05, 2020
Permaculture: Intro & Application in East Africa
by Colin Richard
Permaculture is a holistic system of theory and practice for sustainable development centered around farming systems with the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems. It addresses many other aspects of the natural and built environment, and is applicable in both rural and urban settings of the Global North and Global South. This presentation will focus on those applications, with an emphasis on how permaculture techniques support both home gardening and food security, at home and in East Africa.
San Diego based environmental and sustainability educator Colin H. Richard holds a Certificate in Permaculture Design and will give an overview of permacultures ethics, principles and practices in practice locally and globally. His permaculture teaching, documenting and design work as a volunteer and consultant has included travels in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Cecilia Njoroge (Kikuyu people) is Director of Leap Empowerment Development Initiative (LEDI) based in Kenya. LEDI serves to empower, inspire and equip communities by providing training, the skills and tools for individual growth and community transformation. Sustainable agriculture for food security and livelihoods are central tho LEDI's programs. 
Guests are invited to join this meeting that will be held online. Please RVSP here to receive the meeting link.