Mar 24, 2020 6:30 PM
Model UN - Online meeting

This meeting is held online. Amélie has some announcements and Julio will deliver an Eco-minute. Then we can share how things are going for each of us. That will be a sort of social-distancing happy hour! Pour yourself a glass of wine and join at 6:30PM!

At 7pm, we will have the Model UN team we support give a review of the MUN program and the two Resolutions to be addressed in the speeches.

#1. To Establish an U.N. Administered Security Zone on the Turkish Syrian Border and
#2. Urgent Action to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions Due to Air Transportation.

The TEAM, Imran Arceneaux and Ryan Schreider, will then each give their speeches from the perspective of South Korea, the country they represent. EJ Campbell, their Advisor, will be present too.

See Amélie's e-mail for the connexion details.