May 01, 2018
Judy Berlfein/ Larry Peranich
Climate Change - A Human Issue

Judy Berlfein is trained in the biological sciences and has worked for more than two decades as a consultant in the biotech industry.  Simultaneously, she has educated herself independently and through the organization, Citizens Climate Lobby, about the global impacts of a changing climate.  Over the last eight years, Berlfein has been meeting regularly with members of Congress in DC and in her home district to educate Congressional leaders about the science of climate change and potential policy responses.  She also presents frequently to clubs, organizations, and houses of worship.

Larry Peranich is a life-long Republican deficit hawk who believes that a large amount of government debt is damaging to our economy and that expecting our children and grandchildren to pay off our debt is immoral.  He also believes that the government should minimize taxation and regulation of private business so that the maximum number of jobs can be created.

Larry is also a life-long scientist, with a PhD in nuclear engineering specializing in plasma physics/nuclear fusion.  He has done physics and biological research at General Atomics and he spent the latter part of his career as a data scientist applying artificial intelligence techniques to solving business problems such as credit card fraud detection.

Both Judy and Larry think that people of all political persuasions can and must work together to solve climate change