Give meaning and voice to brands’ sustainability initiative
May 07, 2019
Jonathan Hanwit
Give meaning and voice to brands’ sustainability initiative

Jonathan Hanwit is a founding partner and CEO of thinkPARALLAX, a branding and communications agency on a mission to better the world by articulating and amplifying their clients’ impact. As a branding, strategy, and citizenship expert, Jonathan has worked with international brands such as Southwest Airlines, Twitter, Qualcomm, and International Paper on large scale purpose driven communications projects. Both professionally and personally Jonathan donates his time and resources to causes and communities for positive impact. Outside of the office Jonathan is a father, surfer and avid traveler – and in  2014, he parlayed his passion for travel with his business by introducing PARALLAXploration – an employee development program that pays thinkPARALLAX employees to travel around the world, doing good along the way.

thinkPARALLAX offers Strategy & Planning services

"The path to effective sustainability communications starts with a strong strategy. Our work begins by focusing on the foundational elements of your brand - mission, vision, and values - and engaging with key stakeholders to understand your distinct culture, challenges, priorities, and purpose. We partner with your team to identify key priorities, develop goals, and establish KPIs to track forward progress."