The Future of Healthy Day Partners
Apr 23, 2019
Mim Michelove
The Future of Healthy Day Partners

Nourishing and healing people and planet through healthier food systems, ecological practices, and environmental education.

Mim co-founded Healthy Day in 2012. She is nationally recognized for her work as one of the environmental consultants for the Encinitas Union School District, the creator of the Ocean Knoll Farm, the architect behind Encinitas’ pioneering Farm to School program, and as Founding Director of EUSD’s innovative Farm Lab campus.

Healthy Day's vision is to improve school lunches across the nation by creating and elevating school farm and garden programs where students have an opportunity to grow organic fruits and vegetables for the cafeteria, and to connect general education directly to the school lunch program, to student health and the health of the planet. We believe that equal access to healthy, quality food is a basic human right, regardless of zip codes or income levels.

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