ECOLIFE Conservation: How Saving Lives Can Save Ecosystems
Jan 08, 2019 6:00 PM
Bill Toone / Anne Middleton
ECOLIFE Conservation: How Saving Lives Can Save Ecosystems

Come and listen to Bill and Anne talking about their work.

EcoLife Mission: Providing solutions to mutually benefit underserved communities and imperiled wildlife around the world.

Bill Toone, Executive Director & Founder (
After rising through the ranks to the level of Curator of Birds at the Zoological Society of San Diego, Bill launched a new division in Applied Conservation and ultimately left the zoo as the Director of Applied Conservation Programs. He traveled extensively and ultimately worked in over 30 countries with animal species from the birds of paradise, iguanas, Chacoan peccaries, giant armadillos, elephants and gorillas. Hoping to find a successful path in conservation Bill co-founded ECOLIFE Conservation in 2003 and 2008, devoted full-time effort to seeing ECOLIFE succeed.  

Anne Middleton, Operations Director (
Anne joined the ECOLIFE team as Director of Operations in 2017. She oversees staff and helps develop and implement ECOLIFE’s projects at home and abroad. Anne moved to San Diego in 2014 from Cameroon, after having finished a contract with Taylor Guitars on legal and sustainable ebony wood procurement for guitar manufacturing. In Cameroon, she managed multiple projects including supply chain transparency, raw materials supply, and community, public and governmental relations at local and international levels. In San Diego she was also employed by Sustainability Matters, a local greenbuild firm, and the San Diego County Water Authority. Prior to her tenure in Cameroon, she worked for a non-profit organization in Washington DC, the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), whose focus is to investigate international wildlife crime and lobby for legislative solutions. EIA’s investigations in Madagascar led to the first criminal case for the amended U.S. Lacey Act, a ban on trade in illegal wood.