Apr 17, 2018
Deborah Seitz
Creating the Next Generation of Science and Conservation Leaders
Ocean Discovery Institute empowers young people from an urban and underserved community to transform their lives, their community, and our world as science and conservation leaders. The future of humankind and our planet depends on finding innovative solutions to global environmental challenges. However, the U.S. has fallen short in preparing its young people with the scientific knowledge and environmental awareness that are needed for tomorrow’s leadership. This is particularly true of young people in underserved urban communities, who find themselves trapped in a persistent cycle of poverty and unaware of and unprepared for opportunities in the sciences.
Ocean Discovery Institute provides a solution to both of these problems. By receiving high quality science learning opportunities that integrate mentoring and tools for success; kids in poverty develop a belief that science is something they can do, stay in school, go to college, become scientists, and gain entry into high paying fields where they make a difference.