The Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club is one of 66 Rotary Clubs in San Diego and Imperial Counties’ Rotary District 5340.  As one of over 46,000 Rotary and Rotaract clubs worldwide with a membership of 1.4 million, our Club endorses the Rotary International motto of “Service Above Self” wholeheartedly.
We are the third Eco Rotary Club of a growing number worldwide. Our service as an Eco Rotary Club focuses on how we relate to each other and the living web of which we are a part.  As Eco Rotarians we believe all Earth's inhabitants should be able to enjoy a high quality of life while protecting, respecting, and enhancing our environment.  Our purpose is to educate each other, our community, and the Rotary world in the challenges we face while striving for a sustainable existence.
Our membership is open to anyone who believes in “Service above Self” and wishes to participate in meetings to help shape our message that we must achieve sustainability in Southern California. Our service projects demonstrate that by working together, our actions can help us live an existence in which we protect and appreciate our environment. 
In addition to our local club efforts, we promote the worldwide mission of Rotary to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace.  Projects such as the final push to eradicate polio, the distribution of clean drinking water, the offering of medical relief, and the alleviation of poverty help to achieve this goal.
We also work with and support Interact clubs for students which teach them leadership, ethics, community service, and how to work toward world peace and understanding. 
The Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club Tuesday evening events feature informative speakers with inspiring messages and strong ecological lessons. We enjoy fellowship and friendships, an important aspect of Rotary, as we actively engage in fostering meaningful change in our community and in the world.

Club Banner

Our banner is unique!  We are excited to have received this first version of our banner made from 100% recycled materials.  The blue and yellow coloring forming the verbiage and Rotary wheel is recycled plastic.  The doweling at the top along with the hanging rope are also recycled materials as well.

Our banner(s) has been produced by women who benefit from the Microloans for Mothers program located here in San Diego County.  This is a Rotary-sponsored program helping to give women a means of making a living.