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Hello Community Members,
Recently we established a process and a form for which any community organization or individual from the 5 local towns we serve could easily submit to The Greater Salem Rotary Club a request to support a particular service project or monetary donation which would support/contribute to any of the 6 foundational areas Rotary focuses on ( see" About Us" section).
So here is what you need to do:
1- Download the form attached below.
2- Complete the form in all areas above the section "For Rotary use Only"
3- If possible, include a cover letter further explaining details of what the request is specifically for, including a dollar amount of what you would like the club to consider for any monetary requests. For any Service Project requests, detail who it is serving, how many people you might need, when it's to take place, etc.
4- Completed forms should be scanned and emailed to Elizabeth Roth, President.  Her email address:
Thank you so much for your interest in helping US better support the community needs in the towns we serve!